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martin farrimond - webmeister

martin on the speedsail

photo of martin

collage at Sotavento

Martin - webmaster - formerly K-62, treasurer & ex Kommandant of the Bristol Nomads Windsurfing Club. Was a committee member from 1990-2002, and a member for more years than he cares to admit to.

He normally sails any of Starboard Kode 112L, RRD 96L Freestyle Wave & Starboard Quad 82 (although not normally all at once).

He has occasionally been known to jump on an overgrown skateboard with a rig attached and, thus equipped, zoom up & down the beach at Weston frightening the children.

first ever time on a board cruising at Sotavento
In case you failed to notice, a couple of years separate these two photos. On the left, my very first attempt on a board near Grenoble, France, 1980 - I'm not convinced the boom was actually connected to the mast! On the right, looking marginally more at ease, if not somewhat bulkier, in Sotavento, Fuerteventura, 2003.
photo of martinF. Marazion, May 2011
Marazion - May 2011. (photo courtesy of Splashography)


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