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Select Agenda to display a list of events. Click on an event to display further details.


indicates venue suitable for beginner/novice
under normal circumstances, indicates venue more suited to more experienced sailors

The calendar cay be imported into other calendar applications such as Outlook, Thunderbird or your smart phone, choosing the appropriate format (hint - for Outlook, use ICAL).

Unfortunately, due to Google Calendar limitations, the above calendar window is a consolidation of 3 separate Google calendars, so you need 3 separate downloads to get a full set of events.

Calendar Outlook (ICAL) Others (check your application's documentation
XML button
"novice events"
ICAL button
XML button
less novice-like events
ICAL button
XML button

Once you've downloaded your 3 ICAL files, just double-click each of them in turn to load into your Outlook calendar.

look here for 2011 events
here for 2010 events,
here for 2009 events,
here for 2008 events,
here for 2007 events,
here for 2006 events,
here for 2005 events
here for 2004 events,
here for 2003 events,
and here for 2002 events

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