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General details:

Essentially W facing, Rhosneigr is a wide, sandy bay with the added attraction of scattered rocks, & RAF Valley. This is a pilot training location & they fly Hawks all day long, 08:00 - 16:00, Mon - Fri. Noisy, but interesting.

Parking is a problem, especially windy days in summer. There are no car parks, parking is on the streets leading down to the beach - free, but some double-yellow lines. All of these are residential streets with car owners who, understandably, can get irate with "visitors".


Rhosneigr can pick up some HUGE swells, particularly in SW - W winds. As it's such a wide, curving bay, you can almost always find a point where the wind is across the waves - especially in S & N winds - allowing for some enjoyable wave riding.

Try to see the place at low tide before going out, or ask locals where the rocks are. Believe me; it's well worth finding out!


small pan image of Rhosneigr

There is a S beach here, which seems to be less accessible and I've certainly never seen anyone windsurfing there. However, it does seem like it could be a good spot for N, NW SE & gentle W & SW winds.

small pan photo of Rhosneigr S beach -  Traeth Llydan

For the beginner & less adventurous windsurfers, there's a small lake on the side of the road just before you get into Rhosneigr. Maelog Lake (located here), is, I think, the only piece of inland water in the UK that you don't have to pay to sail upon. It's completely free access. Just park at the side of the road opposite the Maelog Lake Hotel & you're 100m from the water's edge.

small image of Maelog Lake

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Directions to the right place:

From the main road coming in to Rhosneigr, where the main road bears round to the R, turn off into Beach Terrace & carry on down to the beach. Funsport windsurfing shop is down the bottom of this road. There are a couple of other roads leading down to the beach, either side of Beach Terrace.

Map here.

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How the winds work:

Rhosneigr works in wind directions from S, thru W to N.

In S wind, the shore is a little sheltered and it will be windier in the bay.

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Tidal conditions:

Tidal range can be about 5.5m on the largest spring tides. This means a fair walk at low water, but nothing too much like a route march.

I think it's pretty much sailable on all but the highest of high tides.

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...Rocks!! Lots of them. OTOH, the rocks on the OS map shown here, can seem off-putting. It's really not as bad as it shows it to be. Ideally, you should see the place at low tide so you can see where the rocks are (the pan photo may give some idea).

Essentially, there is an outcrop of rocks in front & just N of Beach Terrace. Some of these stick up some 3 or 4 feet out of the sand and I can vouch for their hardness!

There is a much more serious outcrop of rocks a couple of hundred metres S from Beach Terrace which are always visible. However, there are others in between which only pop up at low tide - generally just S of the buoyed marks for the boat lane.

There are other rocks out in the bay which only stick out at low tide and others which are permanently visible.

Also, beware of possibly huge swells in S & SW winds. If you're not up to these conditions, don't go out.

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Car park in town. If you can't park near the beach, dump your kit & park in the town car park (free)

Toilets in the car park.

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B&B's / campsites

There are loads of B&Bs around. I believe Funsport offer accommodation above the shop.

The proprietors of Ty Hen Campsite requested a link to their site

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Pubs and eateries

I thought there were no pubs in Rhosneigr, but Robin Guildford - a local resident - has provided me with the following details (May 2003):

"There is a pub in the centre of the village called the Glan Neigr with a public bar also the maelog hotel with a public bar just on the outskirts of the village.and the sandymount club that gives tempory membership to visitors and the other side of the village from the hotel is the golf club with bar." [Many thanks, Robin. - MF]

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