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Please use this page to submit information about new locations. Ideally we would like information about...

  • Sailing type
  • Launch conditions
  • Directions to the beach/launch
  • How the place works in various wind directions
  • Ideal tidal states - best times to sail
  • Local Fish & Chip shops / pubs / restaurants / cafes etc
  • Local campsites & B&Bs.

When setting up pages like this, the hardest part is making a start, so even if you only know some of the above information, please submit it and we can (hopefully) get the rest to follow in due course.

I will try to update the site as soon as possible after the receiving information, however some comments can't always be published and unfortunately I have a day job to do as well.

At the bottom of the form is also a section to allow you to fill in any other comments you may have about the venue/site - positive or negative, its always interesting to receive feedback. Failing that, send an email.

Many thanks,



General Details

Please tell us here about the type of sailing, suitability, general layout, etc.



How do we get there?


Ideal Wind Directions

Where possible, please supply a comment on how the location works in each of the wind directions you know about. i.e. gusty, big swell, go elsewhere, fantastic for frontside riding, etc.

tick graphic   Brief description of location for each wind direction


Tidal Conditions

At what state of tide does this spot work best? How is it at other times? Is it ever unsailable (why?). If you know of a specific time & date when it became sailable/unsailable, please let us know & we'll work out water heights needed from the tide tables.


Beware of...

What hazards are there at this location? e.g. Shallow reef, strong rip current, overly keen traffic warden etc.



What facilities are there at this location? e.g. toilets, cafe, ice cream shop, free parking, guaranteed wind.



Any information here is always very useful, such as location, phone numbers, car/camper van/caravan parking, wet suit drying areas, approximate fees, number of sausages for breakfast etc.


Pubs, cafés, restaurants, fish & chips, etc

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a venue, particularly type of beer served and whether or not they allow customers in wetsuits!


Any other comments

You may put my name against the details for this location

My name is

My email address is

[please provide us with your name and email address just in case we need to check any details with you. We will not publish your email address, and will only publish your name if you ask us to].

Once you've submitted any details, we'll check the details and create a new page as soon as possible.

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