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General details:

Berrow & Brean sands together form a 4-5 mile long sandy beach, with less mud than Weston beach. During the summer it is also significantly less crowded than Weston despite the ominous presence of so many caravan-based holiday parks.

Like Weston, you can drive onto the beach, though there is a charge in the Summer months.

Despite the size of the beach, there are only two access points - this being entirely due to the caravan sites along the sea front between road & beach - effectively closing off 75% of the beach to the general public.

Waves are more swell based than at Weston, and potentially could be surfed but this is not really a surf beach.

In a south westerly, this works better than Weston which is slightly hidden by Brean Down.

I've never sailed at Brean & see no need to do so, with Berrow being that bit closer.

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Directions to the right place:

Drive into Burnham and drive north as though heading for Brean Down, look for sign pointing to Berrow Beach. At the beach turn left and drive ~500m towards the pylons. Sail from here.

For Brean, continue for another mile before turning L onto the beach.

Update - Jan 2008:

The entrance to the beach at Berrow is now shut between the end of October and Easter. If you wish to drive onto the beach, you have to drive up to Brean and onto the beach from there, then drive the short way along the beach back down to Berrow.

Click here for Berrow & here for Brean location maps

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How the winds work:

SW - Excellent. Cross-on from the L

S - Starting to get slightly cross-off, so probably a little gusty, but better than Weston.

SE - Cross off shore

W - Almost dead onshore.

NW - Probably not as good as Weston

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Tidal conditions:

Like most Bristol Channel locations this is a high tide only sailing spot, providing sailing for about 2 hours either side of high tide (slightly longer for neap tides or those willing to carry their kit a long way).

HW springs tend to occur around 08:00 - 09:00 (20:00 - 21:00). HW neaps around 14:30 (GMT).

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Fisherman casting off the beach.

Car park charges during the summer.

Currents in the Bristol Channel.

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Parking on the beach.

Toilets facilites are available at the entrance to the beach.

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B&B's / campsites

As with most sea side resorts, there are an abundance of B&Bs and campsites around Berrow, however I don't know of any specific recommendations or ones where there are suitable drying/storage facilites.

Likewise there are an abundance of places where you can rent static caravans around here but none that have been tried.

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Pubs and eateries

Loads of pubs up & down the road. Most look like holiday-orientated fizz palaces.

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