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General details:

Great expanse of west facing beach frequented mostly by surfers and now the inevitable Kite Surfers. Great if you're a wavehead, otherwise a bit too much.

A long way away for most.

Very good wave riding in big swell. No good with any onshore wind.

You have to lug your kit a long way over the dunes - about 100m. You then have to lug your kit a long way down the beach when the tide's out. [Rig your sail on the beach unless its not windy as path is narrow and wire fenced - sail shredding stuff. Plus you will pee of every one else who uses the path. - Anon - Jun 2007]

Large tidal range. The best conditions are on a rising tide.

It can get very rough here, especially in strong W winds.

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Directions to the right place:

Follow signs to Llangennith, then to Hill End Camp Site. There's a day fee for parking there - £2 in June 2007.

The car park is just behind the dunes, but note that it's a pretty big beach and when the tide is out you have a 200m+ walk to the sea.

Click here for directions.

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How the winds work:

S-SE [I find the SE recommendation a bit hard to believe. Can anyone verify this?]

NW-N-NE - excellent sailing one of the best places on the whole S.Wales coast. If little swell (check PJ Telephone surf forecast - update twice daily) flat blasting with wind blown swell further out - good for jumps. Well worth it in these conditions. With waves awesome down the line stuff. - [Anon - June 2007].

Anything with W in it is well worth avoiding

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Tidal conditions:

HW springs occur between 07:00 & 08:00 (19:00-20:00). HW neaps between 12:00-15:00.

Large tidal range - up to 10m. Sea goes out a long way.

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Strong currents when the sea is big.

Rough seas with strong currents!

[Surfers - stay away from main group infront of entrance on the beach - head up past river entrance (really a stream across the beach). Kiters restricted to this area as well.

W winds - don't bother unless you want a hammering.

Appartently at mid tide right there are partly submereged steel poles in front of the main entrance onto the beach. These are 1 to 1 1/2 ft steel poles - not good with soft bits! Haven't see them myself but reported to be there - so be warned. May have been cut off be now - Anon - June 2007]

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Parking is in the Hill End camp site.

There's a camp shop at Hill End Camp site plus a chip van at peak times.

Loos and (free) showers on the site, but don't wash your suits in the showers; they dont like it! [not sure if this means the showers or "the management"!]

There's a surf shop (PJs) at Llangennith so you can hire surfboards/suits etc. if there's no wind. They also have emergency windsurfing kit and one of the nicest blokes you will meet - Pete. [Check out his telephone surf forecast service vey good and updated twice a day. Also a web cam on Gennith now when it works :( - Anon, June 2007]

Shops & pub in Llangennith.

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B&B's / campsites

Parking area is in a campsite!

Hill End Campsite is about £12.00 per night if I recall [Mike Wood]

There are several campsites in the area but we have no details of any.

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Pubs and eateries

The closest pub in llangennith from hillend campsite is the kings head it is about 10mins walk away and is very nice and cosy food is great and very kind people there is a surf shop just accross the road call pete's surf shop. george. i travel to this place every year about twice and i travel for 260 miles this shows how much i like the place x,,,x,,,x,,,x,,,x - Anon contributor. Mar 2008.

The nearest pub is in LLangennith Village. You can walk to the village from the beach/campsite, but it takes about 20 mins. I dont recommend it in a wetsuit as they dont let you in anyway. Grub is Basic but OK. Beer is average. Generally full of surfers.

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