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General details:

Trecco is a SW-facing bay, but has a fairly narrow "mouth" and has a rocky headland at each end.

Great place for waveheads in westerly directions, but can be intimidating for some. Swell and waves run in nicely.

I have sailed here once - a long time ago. Once, you were able to park at the W end of the caravan park by the sea wall & go down the steps. Then the caravan park extended so you can't park there anymore, so access is a bit of a problem now.


Option 1. There's a track leading down to the headland between Trecco & Sandy Bay which could accommodate a couple of cars. However, the owner of the house and growing scrap heap near the end of the track now seems to take exception at people driving past. More importantly there's been a lot of reports of thefts recently from cars/vans.

Option 2. As you drive in towards Newton past The Globe pub (not the shortcut way) turn right and head into the caravan park, drive right through the park heading to your left all the way, and there's a car park right on Newton Point where it's only a short carry over the rock/beach into water.

Option 3. Alternatively, park up by Sandy Bay, as far E as possible, & sail down into Trecco, but its a hell of a carry back, up the rocks & into the wind when you're knackered.

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Directions to the right place:

Leave M4 @ Junction 37, follow A4229 towards Porthcawl.

At roundabout after ~3 miles, take 1st exit (Left) into Newton Nottage Rd (watch out for the speed cameras). After 1/2mile, turn off R (still on Newton Nottage Road) towards Newton village. Take the 3rd R into Aldenham Rd which becomes runs into New Rd.

Option 1: Follow New Rd for 250m, then turn L into the caravan park. Ignore reception - drive straight past. Once in the caravan park, you want to head as far over to the right (East) as possible. Eventually, you have to turn L onto a track. This brings you out by the house mentioned above. Take your chance driving past, down to where the old lifeguard hut used to be & rig up there. Here is where I have parked & rigged before, but see notes above.

Option 2: As you approach, follow the signs for Newton heading E along New Rd. Turn R at the rbt onto Bridgend Rd. As continue down here, aon a junction, there's a pub on your left (THE GLOBE) and a fuel station opposite: Go straight across & then turn left at the mini roundabout, then take the next right straight into the caravan park and drive straight through the site to park right on NEWTON point. Route through park changes a bit at times but just keep heading for the far end of the site - just here.

Update from Jon David (Mar 2009):
you can park free on newton point. from mar to dec, but you have to go through the camp site via the main entrance. st johns drive

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How the winds work:

W - great for waves. Best on falling tide so there's less likelyhood of getting on the rocks

E - Cross-off. Unknown conditions

N - Offshore - unknown conditions

NE - Offshore - unknown conditions

NW - Cross shore from R. Unknown conditions.

S - Cross-on from L. Unknown conditions

SE - Cross-shore from L. Unknown conditions

SW - Cross-on. Good for waves. Best on falling tide so there's less likelyhood of getting on the rocks

For an up-to-the-minute forecast for this area, take a look here.

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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to occur around 08:00 - 09:00. HW neaps between 13:00 - 15:30. Huge tidal range - over 11m max.

Low tide sailing is the norm here - for a few hrs. It's a very narrow beach with very large rock outcrops either side. Tide and wind normally conspire to push you down onto the Eastern side (sail as far up the beach as poss). If you get in trouble the chicken run out is to sail downwind into Newton bay and drive back round for your kit.

In NW through SW, it's best sailed on a falling tide so you get wind against current.

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Tide/wind pushing you onto the rocks at the E end of the bay.

These are not smooth rocks. They are nasty, pointy rocks with big, jutty-out bits and deep holes and gullys. Take 1 step forward on what you think is a relatively flat surface & you could fall 2 or 3 metres. Avoid like the plague.

As far as I can tell, these rocks seem to peter out around the LW level, with sand further out. However, don't take my word for it until I've seen it on a really low spring tide.

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If you park on Newton Point, the centre of the carvan park is 3mins walk away, where you can get anything you want, Chinese, fish & chips, buckets/spades, spar shop, pubs.

Update, Feb '04: Also on site are toilets, bowling, heated swimming pool (£2.00 charge but does have warm water and a curly slide!) and a ball park play area for small kiddies (small charge) all available from Easter to about October half term. The Chicken Bar and Curry Take-away on site are only open during the summer - Chippy open until end of the caravan season.

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B&B's / campsites

Happy Valley - about 10 minutes from Trecco Bay on the main road to Porthcawl from Bridgend on the left hand side.

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Pubs and eateries

Chinese & fish & chips in caravan park (prob not open in Winter)

Also Burger King and other fast foods on the main Coney Beach just along from Trecco in Porthcawl.

Beale Park Fish & Chips between funfair & harbour

Station Hill Fish bar, New Road.

Sidoli's Fish & Chips at S end of John St. (near Harbour & breakwater).

Pub in caravan park - screens big matches (football and rugby).

Also Globe Inn, Jolly Sailors & The Ancient Briton - all in Newton. None tested!

Update, Feb '04: Globe pub does nice food.

We've had reports that the owner of the Buccaneer Bar in Porthcawl itself (who also seems to own the Burger King & the chippy) doesn't like motor bikes. - This just in (Dec '05): "Your report of Sandy Bay Porthcawl regarding Motor Bikes is totally untrue. Please ammend your report. We serve many bikers with Faggot and Peas and Fish and Chips". So there.

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