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South Milton/ Thurlestone

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General details:

Excellent non wavesailing location in south devon, offering a variety of conditions for all abilities.. swells / chop / blasting on offer (also offers windsurfing school onsite in summer).

Basically as good as it gets - by no means a wavesailing location, but offers just about everything else.. Enjoy.

s milton at low water s milton at high water
S Milton at LW & HW respectively - a long time ago. It's not changed, but the kit has - well, the board, at least!! The character here has threatened to beat anyone (on the water, of course) caught sniggering at his "not-entirely-new" NP 4WD. Images are 23Kby & 34Kby respectively.
Panaramic view over beach
Panoramic view over the beach (21Kb)

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Directions to the right place:

Click here for map.

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How the winds work:

N: flat water, gusty winds off the land - head east to Torcross for cross-shore blasting

NE: very rare - gives flat water, patchy wind, interesting sound (board noise echoes from cliffs at north)

E: when it blows easterly it normally howls.. fairly consistent offshore winds once 1/4 mile out (experienced only)

SE: patchy, sheltered. stay at home.

S: cross shore swell riding once 1/4mile offshore, long reaches

SW: lovely. easy launching at low/mid tide, chop/swells, hops, long reaches, something for everyone.. uk bliss.

W: nearly as good as SW, can get confused. lumpy sea in rougher weather.. still great.

NW: small wavesailing possible between reefs, fun conditions, easy launching.

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Tidal conditions:

Happiest at low to mid water, becomes confused and shorebreak once inner reef is covered. neaps give 3hours either side of high tide easily.

High tide only okay up to force4, not really useable above.

Visit at low tide for best conditions.

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Reef at south end of beach gives shelter (easy launching and flashy gybes)but can catch you out at fully high tide.

Outer reef 1/4mile offshore needs care but visible except at high tide.

North end "black hole" swallows non-waterstarters and broken kit when its SW 5-6 - purely because of direction and north end shorebreak - no problem at other times.

Also beware expensive bacon sarnies at the cafe.

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National Trust parking - £2 a day in summer (2003)

free toilets

grassy rigging area

cafe - coffee, chocolate and bacon sarnies.

guaranteed wind? if theres a sea breeze or decent low pressure heading in, it'll be good here.

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B&B's / campsites

Plenty - south devon!

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Pubs and eateries

Local village pub one mile away.. good food and beer. They seemed okay about wetsuits on barstools on Boxing Day 2002 - think that was a one day special though.

Little apart from beach cafe and local pubs - if youre coming for the day bring crisps, sarnies and smoking equipment as necessary.

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Content supplied by Anon - Oct 2003.

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