Forest of Dean - Sat 1/11/08. All welcome

Ok - Windsurfing it isn't. This is the mountain bikers splinter group for when the wind don't blow!

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Forest of Dean - Sat 1/11/08. All welcome

Post by MartinF »

Nigel & I are going. Planning to be at the Pedalabikeaway centre at 10:00.

Possibly do the new (still un-opened) Enduro trail, and/or other trail bits depending upon fitness, muddiness and level of unhappyness with new chain rings.

All welcome. Old Severn Bridge (M48) claims to be open tomorrow for anyone thinking of going via Chepstow (Horrible road works between Over and Highnam if going via Gloucester).

Call or txt me on 07 eight one 3 six oh for 2 for 8
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Post by Matt »

Would have loved to have come to meet the Foresters but we've got visitors. Another time hopefully.

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Post by NigelP »

Martin and I completed the Enduro course, although navigating by GPS was more of an art form than a science. Fortunately Martin seemed to know where we were going most of the time.

Martin was significantly quicker than me on the muddy stuff. I just did not have the confidence that I would go around the bends and not slide into some very solid looking trees.

We also completed a couple of downhill runs, which were awesome. However, by this time Martin was being a little more cautious without his body armour. No major incidents or body dabs to report fortunately.

The weather felt a very cold 6 deg.; which I was due to the bitterly cold NE wind and the dampness that hung in the air.

After the ride I was (unsuccessfully) searching the web for a map of the downhill routes, when I came across this posting on a forum. “From November {the FOD DH course} is being closed for power line maintenance.

Then in January (I think its January anyway) they are re going to be taking all the trees down in the main bike area of FOD. This will destroy all the trails”

Having just rediscovered the joys of the FOD it looks as though some of these might be short lived.

It was a great day out, thanks Martin :lol: :lol: :lol:
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