Good Friday

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Good Friday

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I joined RAV for a guided tour around the Quantocks. (Plus Steenie, Struan, and Jemma)

The forecast was to be very wet, but fortunately nothing fell from the sky: it just lay there in puddles on the trail. On the subject of the weather, it was freezing in the car park but I was cooking after the first few minutes.

As usual, I kept passing places that I recognised ( - possibly a highly developed sense of Deja Vu - ) but can only tell where I have been by looking at the GPS trail. (Available by email, after last week’s total failure to attach the file.)

There were no major incidents to report other than a solitary puncture.

Vicky had ridden half of Exmoor the previous day, so took a short cut back for a cream tea with Jemma. Unfortunately, this left me bringing up the rear on all the climbs (and descents as well). :oops: Please come back Martin, all is forgiven.

I had rebuilt my front brake calliper the day before, after it had screamed at me all the way around the Gap ride. Unfortunately I ran out of time to test it before the ride, but luckily everything worked as it should do. I am not sure about the economics of this exercise, as the cost of the components was two thirds of the price for a complete replacement!

Inevitably, as I fix one problem another emerges. I am now getting a disturbing rubbing noise (like a twig rubbing on the tyre) when I free wheel down the faster sections. So, today's task is to strip down the back wheel. Then next weeks task will be......

Stats: 15.7 mi, 3265 ft Asc, 3076 ft Des.

The stats provide scientific proof for Rob’s explanation of riding on the Quantocks. "Think of it like an Escher painting, where you are always going up the steps". My GPS clearly shows we climbed 200 ft more that we descended on a circular route. QED.

There was a big reward at the end of the ride. A great pint and a comfortable arm chair in front of a roaring log fire. I didn’t want to come home. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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