Just like Xmas

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Just like Xmas

Post by dro » Mon Oct 16, 2006 08:03

Terribly excited have just taken delivery of posh ,very clean, in fact very very clean mountain bike courtesy of Martin.
I am now clearing a space in the garage next to the techno so they can both have some company.
Techno rather concerned that she might be ignored now that new bike has arrived (very similar to Henry's reaction when a new engine arrived :for all Thomas the Tank engine fans:)but I reassured her by reminding how seldom I actually cycle or windsurf.
She felt a lot happier then so I will not have to paint her green.

I am thinking of arranging tours of the garage so people can share my enjoyment.The only problem is how much to charge?
Probably free ,seems unfair not to share my joy with the masses.

Anyway thinking of venturing slowly around the new Brechfa trail today with the dog as shotgun.
So I can finally say that I have done one of the grown up trails before any of the Nomads
It will make the bike dirty
It will make me dirty
It will make me tired

Peobably have a sleep instead

All the best to my many fans
Lord Timid
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?

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