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Where do you leave your Sails

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:26
by Graham_U
The fear I have had since Ian L once told me the story of his mouse induced holey luff tube. Last week end I found an occupied mouse nest in the garage and evicted the inhabitants. This week I found another, but at least two of the little b*66ers escaped some where in the garage. Traps set but no luck so far.

Now since I heard Ian's story I have left my sails on hooks on the wall, at least 2 foot off the ground and until now have never had any trouble in the 10 years I have had my own kit. But over the years the number of sails have increased substantially and have probably now formed a nice little mouse run off the ground.

Yesterday I notice a small hole in the bottom on my 9.4 which hangs much lower than the rest! When unrolled I found a few extra fluffy holes in the luff tube. So I went through all my sails and found two other had been got at including my favourite Storm 6.5 which had a significant hole in the luff tube.

But the worst by far was my 5.7 Storm which has a hole about 6-9 inches long taking out most of the luff tube right on the bend a few feet from the head of the sail. Also in this sail unlike the others was a lot of torn up wall paper that they must have brought in from the some distance to form the nest. There were no holes in the bag, so they must have entered through the top which is about 7 ot 8 feet off the ground!

One interesting point of note is that none of the sails that still had the WSM sand on them had been touched!

So I was wondering where everyone else leave their sails?
I've always left them in the garage as they normally come back wet and mucky so I've never felt they are something to be taking in the house. Has anyone got a solution to keeping the wildlife away from them?

Also any one know what the costs of a luff tub repair is likely to be?

Re: Where do you leave your Sails

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 18:17
by MartinF
I had a the luff tube eaten out of a sail once. It had lain dormant in my trailer in the garage for two years, whilst up for sale. When someone did eventually call round to look at it, I unrolled it on the lawn in front of prospective buyer to reveal all its eaten splendour. Embarrased, I gave him the sail without charge.
Graham_U wrote:One interesting point of note is that none of the sails that still had the WSM sand on them had been touched!
Moral of the story: don't wash your sails. Salt keeps mice away (perhaps?)
Graham_U wrote:Also any one know what the costs of a luff tub repair is likely to be?
Have a word with Marcus at Bristol sails - 0117 922 5080. He'll be able to repair them at great cost and offers a Nomads discount

Re: Where do you leave your Sails

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 10:35
by dro
I store mine exactly where they fall when I throw them in the garage.
If you would like detailed instruction please send me a stamped addressed envelope with lots of money.

Re: Where do you leave your Sails

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 09:45
by Graham_U
Just a point of note Huw, My three read sails were untouched by the little vandals. Two of the sails they went for were florescent green, and one blue. I don't know how this figures in you colour theory :shock:

I've since managed to use two of them, the 9.4 was the least damaged but several small holes just big enough to fit the tip of the mast, as I found out, but once corrected it sailed OK. My all time favourite Storm 6.5 got its first outing on Sat, the duck tape just about lasted and it sailed OK.

Needless to say my sales don't get washed any more, and I squeeze half a dozen of them into my old quiver rack. Although I'm not sure if its the salt or y the Weston sand that put them off as the 9.4 was last used at Portland and I don't remember washing it.

Anyone fancy a 5.7 Storm with added luff tube ventilation, I hear Ian is going for this latest go faster features on his latest sale.