Goya wave sago

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Goya wave sago

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Here's the nose on my 86; Goya after after laminating.

This is after grinding away all the debris & damaged foam, adding four layers of divinycell foam and rubbing down to the approx shape.

It's really a bugger trying to laminate round the nose - too many sharp angles, and too many curves in too many planes. Almost impossible to get the glass/carbon fibre to go round and stay round.

I wanted to vacuum bag the whole thing as an experiment - it HAS to be the best way of getting a void-free repair. But the cost of a decent vacuum pump + pressure gauge + relief valve is a bit prohibitive for the occasional repair (though at the rate I seem to break boards these days...).

A fairly good second best is cling film. After pratting around trying to get the carbon fibre layers to go round the corners, and stick to the rails in a neat & tidy fashion, I gave up & wopped cling film over - pulled as tight as poss and then held in place with masking tape. Seems to have done a good job - can't detect any voids.

This has a small layer of horizontal-weave carbon from top side to hull side over the nose tip, followed by a layer of carbon on the top & rails, extending under the hull. Then an interleaved layer of glass on the hull, followed by another layer of carbon on the deck, again wrapped round to the hull.
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