May Bank Holiday At WSM

Tell us all about what kind of day/ weekend/holiday you had.

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May Bank Holiday At WSM

Post by NigelP »

I missed Sunday's sail at WSM, as I had a better offer to explore Wansdyke. However, three separate people all told me the same story; how they arrived to find a F5 blowing, rigged up and.........yes, you know the answer, nothing.

This may help explain why, when I arrive two and a half hours before high tide, there were about twenty boards out. Only one guy came in and he was on a 6.4, but he did say it a bit of a handful.

I damaged my shoulders over the winter and was particularly nervous about this sail, especially if I could waterstart. So, I rigged up a 5.8 and was just about to walk down to the water when I met someone else returning. He was on a 5.2, 70l and was maxed out. So, I did the sensible thing and kept going. I was on my floaty board after all, the Hawk 96.

I went out like a rocket fuelled on adrenalin, completed the fasted gybe ever and came back in to change down my board. I took off again on the Fanatic Goya (76l), where I did discover I could water start (when I figured out how), which was both a great relief and saved a very long swim back. I returned to the beach sideways, in an extended spin out and rigged the 5.2. This time I took the Hawk back out, which was a bit marginal. By this time the tide had turned and WSM was back to its usual large and lumpy state. :twisted:

I was relieved that I was able to sail. However it was one of those days when I was feeling tired and timid and the conditions were there to punish the half hearted, so it was a bit of a disastrous start to the season sailing wise. I am also carrying a dead leg from hooking in too early (in the shore dump) and catapulting onto the mast.

On balance, it was a brilliant day, because I know I love these conditions and my body is not sufficiently cream crackered that it will stop me coming back for more. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I saw Simon but no other Nomads

For Viv’s calibrations, it was probably F5 gusting F6 (which fits with the Windfinder stats at Lulsgate)
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Post by kelvin »

nearly a disaster day
call off dave to verify it was going off at treco
in van got to first junction end of road
put clutch peddle to floor

OHHHHHHH ****------ van never stopped just went straingh across junction [:0]

Feck it no clutch[:(] and its windy [xx(][:(][B)][:0]
Back home in one gear no stopping , took a good 2 inches of slack out of cable , but enough clutch to get it in gear an drive ..
Tough deciesion to make , stay home or risk treco


Made it there , del, jamie and dave on 4.7m
me ,clive ,and bens went 5.2m --- good session well powered
scotty , mobbs and shingler turned up later as we went for coffe .
could see screamed dave and iano at newton but looked a lot lighter winds inside the bay
Iano was on his jp105 and 6m by the look of it[:0] oh what a difference 1000m of bay makes .
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Post by Keith S »

It's becoming a habit - Axbridge again. Got there about 11:00 - absolutely no wind at all. Hung around chatting and drinking tea. We do a lot of tea at Axbridge. Then about 12:00 the wind arrived. Occassionally making it to a F4. So went out on 130 JP Xcite and 8.5m Lightning - it's a different world here. Stayed out for about 2 hours. Then decided it was getting a bit silly so came in to change down. Got cold and decided was knackered so gave up and did more tea instead.
One of the T15 lads was out on a something very small and 5.0m, planing and popping some nice little jumps - life is just not fair.

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