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Cardiff Bay

Post by mattw » Thu Nov 03, 2005 15:03

Just to let you Guys and Gals know there a small team of people trying to get Cardiff harbour authority to open up the Bay as a windsurfing venue.
There's been a few pilots over the summer, but due to poor advertising and the Harbour authority not updating their web site it hasn't been very well attended. Hopefully they will be running a few more this year (1st thing on a sunday morning!) (6th Nov not happening maybe the 13th)
If any one is interested in trying to help get this venue on line we have a meeting set up with them on the 8th of November at 4pm in Cardiff. Email me if you want more details
We also have a little round robin email going round as to whether a pilot is happening or not / whose attending if it is. Please let me know if anyone wishes to be included on this (more email addresses look good for the Harbour authority)
In case you didn't know Cardiff Bay is a man made 500 acre fresh water bay which has a barrage separating it from the sea, it is a fantastic venue for windsurfing with the wind being pretty good whichever direction its coming from (especially clean if coming straight across the Bristol Channel.
Please get in touch to if you want to get involved or just want to be kept informed by the round robin email.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Post by kelvin » Thu Nov 03, 2005 18:47

here,s a locals view on offerings in the bay
Hi Kel,
Just thought I would e-mail you the latest for the launch of windsurfing on Cardiff Bay.

Will It Be Worth It

Well I know forecast was not the greatest today,but was expecting maybe 15 S.E .
Anyway thought Iwould take a trip down the Knap after work to see what the wind was like,but could not even get in the car park it was full with the dreamers who only come out in the sun and take over the knap.Thought I'd take a look at Cardiff bay as today was the first day you could windsurf there.Well surprise surprise it has been canceled and put off to Sunday 15th Aug 04.
But the scheme to sail at the Bay is only a pilot scheme with restrictions.
1/Sailing times are Thursdays 17.30 to 20.00 and Sundays 9.00 to 12.30.
2/You can only sail in the designated area shown to you by a member of bay staff who will be there at all times.
3/Age 16yrs and over.(I know this may create a problem for some ?.)
4/A min 12 mths sailing with Harness Lines.
5/Bouyancy aids must be worn or you will not sail.
6/Suitable footwear must be worn.
7/Windsurfers must do so in pairs (buddy system.)
8/On arrival you must read the Medical leaflet and fill in the MEDICAL QUESTIONAIRE.

You also must get a £2.00 parking ticket from the Pay and Display machine before you cross the barrage where you will be met by a member of staff who will tell you where to park and sail,aslong as you comply to the above.

Well I can see that they want you to Windsurf in the Bay Not.
Anyway a crap day no sailing,lets hope tomorrow brings some wind
Cheers ,
Paul Woodchip
forget dreaming "its time to loop"

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Post by MartinF » Thu Nov 03, 2005 21:12

Sounds to me like it could be a great location for people trying to get into the sport. Just a pity the meeting is mid-week.

Not for me, personally, but I wish you luck. Even some of the hurdles Kelvin mentioned may be acceptable at beginner level?
It's an ill wind that never blows at all.


Got to keep trying

Post by mattw » Fri Nov 04, 2005 12:23

yep there's a few hurdles to overcome but if we can get them to give more open access it will be a great venue.
Won't know if we don't try!
They have already relaxed the buoyancy aid rule although they do prefer it if you do. Also I believe they have allowed out single windsurfers as long as the safety boats out.
The area available is large enough to not really feel contained.
Yes at the moment it is restricted to proficient windsurfers only and we are looking for proficient windsurfers to have open access, once they realise that the majority of sailors are in control of their craft and can negotiate other users without endangering themselves or others we hope they will go for it.
As to the beginners until the demand is there (which will only come from seeing good windsurfers do their thing) I currently can't see a way forward.
After turning at the Bay up on a day where the wind was blowing just right to use a 5m sail and realising I'd forgotten my mast extension and hence had to rig a 6.5 and ended up having the best (and probably the fasted) sailing I'd ever had I'm hooked on this venue!
Anyway just for Info attached is the agenda for this meeting. Even if there are people who would have gone if they could make it, as the more apologies for absence the better it will look for demand. Let me know
As mentioned before let us know your email if you want to be included on any news that comes out of this (and hopefully access!)
Cardiff Bay Windsurfing Meeting.doc
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Post by mattw » Thu Nov 10, 2005 20:50

Just for a bit of latest news:
The meeting has been moved now to Thursday 24th November at 4pm.
The response I've had with people getting in touch and adding their support has been great from this and other forums. Again if you want to be added to the latest mail shot email me at

Anyway I'll post any update here as well, but we may and try to get in some last minute pilots when the conditions are right, we'll let all know on the round robin email if this happens.

Have fun


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Post by Graham_U » Tue Nov 15, 2005 11:05

Could this be worth an away day some time, if it gets open up? I knows its not the Lumpy stuff you experts like, but it could be an alternate to Poole and Portland blasting? Just to add some variety, and we should support Windsurfing expansion in DrO land, who it should suit well?

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quite right

Post by dro » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:19

thank you Graham

definite good idea to come over to dro land

Must also admit that considering vast majority of members are not in dro land there is a regular supply of trips over here
Much appreciated

BUT that the more the better
Just check that your visas are O.K,. for so many visits
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?

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