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Locations in South and West Wales in SW winds

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The SW S Coast

Locations Comments
Amroth Just about cross-on from the right. Fairly safe direction
Barry - Cold Knap The most ideal direction. Cross-on from the right and produces some good sea breezes in summer months.
Broad Haven Best at low tide due to the headland between Broad Haven and Little Haven
Gower - Broughton Bay Beach sheltered at high tide. Possibly rough conditions
Gower - Llangennith Pretty onshore. Can have big, blown-out waves
Gower - Mumbles Off shore. Unknown conditions
Gower - Oxwich Unknown conditions
Gower - Port Eynon Good for waves
Gower - Rhossili Too sheltered. Try Llangennith
Gower - Swansea Bay Cross-shore. Flat water
Llandegfedd Reservoir Blows along the reservoir
Llantwit Major Dead onshore. Probably well worth avoiding.
Newgale Large mushy waves, hard to get through - can get very big
Ogmore WSW is dead onshore. Probably a safe direction, though if the wind is strong, there may well be big, mushy waves.
Porthcawl - Newton Beach better, giving slightly cleaner wind on beach. Larger waves coming into bay
Porthcawl - Rest Bay Dead onshore
Porthcawl - Trecco Dead onshore. Unknown conditions
Saundersfoot Cross-off from R. Very sheltered on beach due to headland to S
Tenby Cross-shore from R. Must be great.

We have no wind details at all for the following locations:

Gower - Caswell
Gower - Horton
Gower - Langland
Porthcawl - Sandy Bay


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