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Locations in South and West Wales in W winds

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s wales & pembs Bristol Channel
The SW S Coast

Locations Comments
Amroth More or less cross-shore. Unknown conditions.
Barry - Cold Knap Cross shore - it works but usually means a fair hike out past the cliffs on the left to get into the wind.
Broad Haven Almost dead onshore. Sea can be very messy. Difficult to get off the beach.
Gower - Broughton Bay Pretty much onshore. Can get very rough.
Gower - Llangennith Forget it. Dead onshore & blown out.
Gower - Mumbles Cross-off. Unknown conditions
Gower - Oxwich Unknown conditions
Gower - Port Eynon Good for waves
Gower - Rhossili Onshore. Unknown conditions
Gower - Swansea Bay Cross-off. Flat water. Good conditions
Llandegfedd Reservoir Good, but most likely gusty
Llantwit Major Cross-on from R. Now we're talking. Make sure to stay well upwind
Newgale Large mushy waves, hard to get through - can get very big
Ogmore WSW is dead onshore. Probably a safe direction, though if the wind is strong, there may well be big, mushy waves.
Porthcawl - Newton Beach beach is v sheltered & gusty but gets progressively better as one heads out into clear air beyond Newton Point & into the channel. Generally flat water in bay
Porthcawl - Rest Bay Cross-on
Porthcawl - Trecco Great for waves
Saundersfoot Dead offshore. Probably dead gusty & not recommendable.
Tenby Cross-off. Unknown conditions

We have no wind details at all for the following locations:

Gower - Caswell
Gower - Horton
Gower - Langland
Porthcawl - Sandy Bay


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