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Locations on the South Coast in NW winds

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s wales & pembs Bristol Channel
The SW S Coast

Locations Comments
Calshot More or less dead offshore. Prob v gusty
East Wittering Cross shore
Hill Head Cross shore from R. Good
Kimmeridge Good waves following prolonged SW wind
Lee On Solent Cross shore from R. Good
Lepe Useless. V gusty.
Lyme Regis Off shore. Gusty. Wind shadow from cliffs. Not recommended.
Overcombe Dead offshore. Go to Portland!
Poole - Branksome Chine V gusty. Dead offshore
Poole - Lake Pier Corss-off. Prob gusty.
Poole - Sandbanks Offshore. Unknown conditions
Poole - Stone Island Lake Good. Onshore
Poole - Whitley Lake Pretty good. May be gusty.
Portland Harbour Cross-off from the beach, still prone to be gusty
West Wittering Cross offshore & very flat can be gusty - safest at low tide

We have no wind details at all for the following locations:

Christchurch & Mudeford
Hayling Island


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