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Locations on the South Coast in SW winds

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The SW S Coast

Locations Comments
Calshot Cross shore, starboard tack
East Wittering On shore
Hill Head Onshore. Good.
Lee On Solent Onshore. Good.
Lepe Wind gets funnelled by the Isle of Wight
Lyme Regis Fairly clean cross-on wind. Good for jumping and backside riding. WSW is a bit more gusty but virtually cross shore, so frontside riding becomes possible.
Overcombe Excellent as long as not too much W. Cross-shore from R. Great wave riding
Poole - Branksome Chine Cross-shore from R. Good direction
Poole - Hamworthy Cross-shore from R. Clean wind.
Poole - Lake Pier Good
Poole - Sandbanks Cross-shore from R. Unknown conditions
Poole - Stone Island Lake Cross-shore. Perhaps gusty. Whitley Lake would probably be better
Poole - Whitley Lake Very good
Portland Harbour Cross-off, wind will be strongest at the Portland end due to the funnelling effect of Portland
West Wittering Cross on shore from the right

We have no wind details at all for the following locations:

Christchurch & Mudeford
Hayling Island


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