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keith shepherd - membership secretary

Keith ignoring the drowning

First had a go on a windsurfer out in Goa, India, in 1985. Then thought about it for a while and started for real in 1990 after moving to Worthing. Seriously spoilt living 2 minutes from the beach and being able to see the sea from work. Then for some insane reason decided to move to Bristol in 1995. After all it looked like there was loads of water near by. Then discovered you can’t sail on most of it and found the Nomads. Miles driven for windsurfing increased dramatically.

More often than not to be found at Axbridge on a JP-Xcite 130, but occassionally on a Mistral Syncro 104. Also still have an old Fanatic Cat which still comes out to play sometimes.

In 2008 did a Start Windsurf Instructors course and now helps with T15 Axbridge Animals.

After all the these years still can’t carve gybe consistently and remain firmly fixed to the water. But hopefully you can teach an old dog new tricks.


The cat lives It must be Moon Beach

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