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NOTE: during the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no events scheduled. Heaven forbid this lasts much longer :-(

Select Agenda to display a list of events. Click on an event to display further details.

For those who use Google Calendar - you can view the BNWC calendar within your own Google Calendar, i.e. you can see all the club's events mixed in with your own calendar. Here's how...

Click the +Google Calendar icon in the calendar display above.

This will probably pop-up a window on a mobile device asking to complete the action with either Calendar app or Chrome browser: Choose the Chrome browser.

Your browser should open up your Google Calendar in a web page with the option to "Add BNWC events". Click Add, and all is done. You'll now see the BNWC events in your own Google calendar.

You can at any time un-check the BNWC events to stop displaying these in your calendar. You can also remove BNWC events from your calendar by clicking the "X" by the side of "BNWC Events" in the left hand  pane of your calendar window.

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This page last updated: 3rd Sep, 2021.