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Basically we are a bunch of people who meet up on a fairly regular basis to go windsurfing - Coronavirus pandemics aside. Our sailing abilities range from just starting out to really quite impressive. On an ideal sailing day we will have all got out on the water and had a good time with the reassurance that you have a whole bunch of sailing buddies looking out for you. Back on the beach there will be a bit of banter and usually some cake at teatime.

The focus of the club is on recreational sailing, with friendly help always on hand. Even when there are no club events, if it’s windy, then you will find somebody to sail with via the grapevine or the forum on this website.

Every month during the main sailing season we will have a couple of away days to places like Portland, Poole, Porthcawl…(not all away day destinations have to start with a ‘p’). We have occasional longer weekend breaks smattered through the season to places a little further afield like West Wales. We also try to slot in a couple of holidays to exotic places like Moon Beach. Check out our events page for details of all trips & socials.

Usually on the Thursday before the sailing weekend we will meet up in a pub someplace. We try to visit pubs that serve a decent pint of real ale and can accommodate a moderate influx of thirsty windsurfers without bursting at the seams.

‘Bristol’ is not the most likely candidate for windsurfing hot spot. However, there is a fantastic variety of great sailing spots within an hour or two of the city. We tend to wander from spot to spot, always willing to try new spots, hence the NOMADS in our name. Nominally our patch extends from Bristol into S & W Wales, N & S Devon, Cornwall and the South coast and eastwards around Hayling Island. Check our locations database for more details.

We have around 30 members with a wide range of ages. Membership is currently £12 per year with a one off £3 joining fee.

If you're in the area & are interested either in knowing more, joining, just visiting or wanting to know more about the area, contact anyone on the committee and mention that you came via this site!

If you'd like us to send you a membership info pack, just fill in the form here.

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Well, we’ve been around in various forms since 1984 so we have some.

We started as ‘Almondsbury Windsurfing Club’. This was initially a loose association of sailors who sometimes met up to sail together at a possibly not quite so suitable small lake North of Bristol and sometimes further afield. The club was formalised proper in 1986 when the first committee meeting was held and the first newsletter printed. By this time several club members, seduced by the luxury of changing rooms with hot showers, had joined the Bristol Corinthians Yachting Club based at Axbridge.

In July 1990 we changed our name to Bristol Nomads Windsurfing Club, and really since then the club has gone from strength to strength and a great deal of fun has been had. As BNWC the focus has been windsurfing, however we do have an active contingency of mountain bikers in our midst so watch this space, there may be further name developments shortly…!

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This page last updated: 3rd Sep, 2021.