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Our normal stamping ground covers a pretty large geographical area - up to around 3 1/2 hours travelling distance from Bristol.

That covers Pembrokeshire in the far West; the whole of S Wales, The Bristol Channel & Severn Estuary, S Gloucestershire, N Somerset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset & Hampshire.

Slightly further afield, is Anglesey and even further is Fuerteventura. Although well outside our patch, we have a fair amount of knowledge - albeit now old - about these places.

We also have our location finder (below) for our area. This whizzy piece of technology will help you find suitable locations for sailing in a particular area for a given wind direction. So if you're looking for somewhere that works in a SW wind on the S coast - this will tell you! Just click the compass point corresponding to the wind direction.

Of course, it's by no means complete, and we rely upon you, dear reader, to fill in the gaps. You can do this by clicking any of the "update" links on any of the location pages or, if you'd like to tell us about any location we don't have listed at all, please tell us by completing this form.

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Link to Fuerteventura

If you have any comments on any of the locations on this site, please use the update details section on the appropriate page. If you have any suggestions to improve the overall usability, please let ourknow.

Please help us to evolve and improve this section on windsurfing locations by contributing your valuable knowledge to it.

If a spot is included & we've got the details wrong, or something about the location has changed, please send us an update/correction using the update links found on each each location report.

We're particularly interested in information about which wind directions work at a particular location. This has been the hardest information to gather and is most likely to be the most usefu.

I am also always after photos of spots - in particular the launch conditions (eg: length of the walk, the size of the shore break, the steep bank you need to walk down and so forth). If you have any such photos, or are in the position to take some next time you go to the venue, please email your snaps to. We'll even give you credit for the photos (but we won't pay you!).

All comments and opinions mentioned on this section of the site are the personal opinions of the various contributors to the pages. Inevitably, one person's favourite may be another person's least favourite.

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This page last updated: 3rd Sep, 2021.