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East Wittering

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General details:

East Wittering provides a sandy beach at low tide, pebbly at high tide. The sailing varies from flat water through bump 'n' jump to down the line wave riding depending on the state of tide and the wind direction.

Generally a very quiet location, on a good summers day there may be 25 sailors out, however they are spread across a very wide beach.

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Directions to the right place:

From the A27 heading East turn right onto the A286 towards The Witterings, about nine miles along, turn left towards East Wittering. Keep going for about two miles, then take the first right after the Lively Lady pub (Stockes Lane) and keep going into the village where you pick up signs to the sea front. Parking is on the end of Shore road by the beach. (The Shore pub also has a car park if you are going to partake of some aprés-sailing refreshments).

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How the winds work:

Ideal is North Westerly after you have had a few days of south westerly wind to build up the swell - this gives down the line starboard tack conditions (cross offshore.)

Wind Direction Comments
N Off shore
NE Anything with East is pretty fluky but does provide flat water
E Anything with East is pretty fluky but does provide flat water
SE Anything with East is pretty fluky but does provide flat water
S Cross on shore (port tack but a bit like Swiss cheese - full of holes)
SW On shore
W Cross on shore
NW Cross shore
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to occur around 12:00 - 13:00 (00:00 - 01:00). HW neaps around 06:00 - 07:00 (18:30- 19:30) (GMT).

Waves are best on the outgoing tides, from 2/3s tide and lower.

Very high spring tides lead to a shore break but are still sailable once you get out past it.

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Groynes at high tide - not a problem at low tide.

Parking out the beach front is on double yellow lines, 'though this doesn't generally lead to parking tickets, particularly during the winter. However, you know the risks: don't blame us if you get a ticket or get towed!

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Nearest surf shop is Shore Watersports on Shore road - for beach cam and daily surf check.

Boulevard Cafe - good for teas, coffees, hangover breakfasts & huge great slabs of food, particularly Sunday lunch.

Good fresh fish available from the hut on the beach.

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B&B's / campsites

There is a campsite on Stockes Lane just after the turn off by the Lively Lady, I don't know what its like.

The best B&Bs are in West Wittering, particularly the Beach House.

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Pubs and eateries

The Shore on Shore road in Wittering - best for beer and a post-sailing game of Pool.

The Black Horse just after you turned off the A286 towards East Wittering is highly recommended for food, particularly great steaks, chips and lobster in the evenings. You may have to book at busy times of the year. Open fire and other trimmings for a great country pub.

Boulevard Cafe is probably one of the best in the area for F & Cs. back to top

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