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General details:

Located on the S Coast, some 3 or 4 miles S of Wareham. You need to be pretty serious to sail here as it's one hell of a treck through the army ranges, & then down the toll road!

Good rock formations and fossils (no hammers allowed!)
Small roads - Toll road £2 per car, £5 for windsurfers
Lots of rocks and weed

There are 3 launching points, all of them pretty radical. The most common launch is the concrete slipway on the far L of the bay as you look out to sea. This has submerged spikes which used to support an old jetty.

I'm told that the best launch in W or S winds is from the old slipway by the sea wall, which should have a couple of buoys attached with rope - good for snagging skegs.

Best rigging area is the SE corner of the bay, by the car parking spot.

K-Bay is one of the top wave spots on the UK S coast and is probably classifiable as "experts only". The bay has a series of "ledges" running out from the cliffs. These are angled such that the top edge of the ledges is exposed at LW springs - for quite a way out from the cliffs.

Apparently, you get the best wave conditions after prolonged SW when the wind swings to the W or NW. The waves are well spaced (so there is some good news, then!) and can be mast high.

Popular with divers.

There's an oil well at the NW end on top of the cliffs, complete with "nodding donkey" pump!

You can check the conditions with the coastguard - 01929 480923.


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Directions to the right place:

From Wareham, head S down the A351 to Corfe Castle, turning off to the R - signposted Church Knowle - just before the village centre. After about 2 miles, turn L towards Kimmeridge, go through the village & onto the toll road which brings you to the bay.

Click here for a location map

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How the winds work:

Anything from SSE to SW looks good.
Southerly is cross the launch area.

Best wind directions (apparently) are: NW through S to E.

Wind Direction Comments
N No details
NE No details
E No details
SE No details
S No details
SW No details
W Good waves following prolonged SW wind
NW Good waves following prolonged SW wind
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to occur between 07:30 & 08:30. HW neaps between 12:30 & 16:00. Tidal range is quite small. Max ~3.5m.

Like Portland, Kimmeridge is subjected to a double low-tide around springs, only more so...

Spring tide profile for Kimmeridge

The marine centre has a Peephole show where you can flip pictures and watch the tide come in and go out.

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1. The beach geology has multiple parallel natural ledges that run straight out from the beach into the bay and there are large boulder sized rocks everywhere above the water so it would be prudent to imagine them under as well.

2. The Launch area is a little smaller than road width.There used to be a wooden jetty to one side (outboard side,south) this is wrecked and some of the supports may be difficult if fallen on (not for the faint hearted!)

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Toilet but little else. The is a visitor centre for postcards and an occasional ice cream van in the larger car're getting the picture!
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B&B's / campsites

Didnt see any tents at the location. There could be something back at the village about a mile from the bay. back to top

Pubs and eateries

The post office is licensed, on the left as you go through the village towards the bay.

No sign of any other shops.
Kimmeridge is a very small place.

Anon. update received Dec '03: The Kimmeridge Post Office is also a cafe - food ranging from burger and chips to full on Roast Dinners.

Update from Rod Dickinson - May 2104:
Kimmeridge village now has a very nice cafe/restaurant with a small shop in one part of it.

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