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Poole Harbour - Lake

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General details:

Lake Pier is the most easterly of all the launching spots in the harbour as the harbour narrows leading up towards Wareham. It is also probably the least known (until now!) of all the harbour sailing spots since the only windsurfers I have seen sailing there are other Nomads members I have travelled there with.

As the name suggests, there is a pier here - well, jetty, really.

There's a large car par and parking is (was?) free.

On the marginal days, sailing wind against tide here can give you the extra differential you need to get planing, particularly as there is a slight funnelling effect on the wind as it blows up towards Wareham in Easterly directions. Other than that, Hamworthy is a far better bet.

This isn't a bad spot if you can overcome the currents. You can easily sail over to the Arne peninsula. If you do sail over there, don't bother to get off your board more than 1m out from dry land - you'll sink into filthy, black mud.

Also not a bad spot to launch from to cruise round the Harbour; best done in a SW so you have a good chance of getting back.

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Directions to the right place:

Take the A350 towards Poole. Go straight across both the A31 and the A35, on to the B3068 through Upton. After a couple of miles you come to some traffic lights by a school. Turn right at the lights and go over the railway crossing following the road round past Moriconium Quay marina village, taking the left turn up towards Lake Pier.

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How the winds work:

A bit of guesswork here:

Anything with S in it should work well.

W should be ideal, preferably on a rising tide.

Anything with N in it will probably be worth avoiding.

Wind Direction Comments
N Offshore. Almost certainly gusty.
NE Cross-off. Prob gusty.
E Ok
SE Good
S Ok
SW Good
W Good
NW Corss-off. Prob gusty.
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to be 09:30 - 10:00 and again 14:00. HW neaps are 14:30 - 18:30.

It's easier to go by LW times here, though: LW springs are around 17:00; LW neaps around 09:00 - 13:00 (yes - the neap tides really rush by!). All times are GMT.

Like the rest of Poole Harbour, there is a double high tide around springs. ie: The tide comes in, goes out a little, then comes back in a little before disappearing as if down a drain.

Poole spring tide curve

Quite strong currents run past here.

On low tides, it can dry out for a few metres here, but nothing significant.

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Strong currents.

Moored ex-Sandbanks chain ferries (keep clear!).

Thick, black, smelly mud.

Moored boats.

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Large car park - free parking.

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B&B's / campsites


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Pubs and eateries


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