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Poole Harbour - Stone Island Lake

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General details:

Stone Island Lake is one of the lesser known spots in Poole but has the great advantage that it can be sailed in a Northerly wind. If you look at the map at the top of this page, you will see this is actually a very large sailing area, and even better when you consider that I don't think I have ever seen as many as twenty people out on the water here.

Head over the chain ferry and drive a few hundred yards past the boat yards etc till there are dunes on the right hand side. Park on the side of the road and carry your kit 50 yards across the dunes. Rig up on the beach and enjoy and uncrowded days sailing.

Try and avoid sailing here at low tide because there is a fair bit of mud around.

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Directions to the right place:

Take the A350 towards Poole, turning east on the A35 as you approach. Drive straight through Poole and keep going along the edge of the harbour following signs to the ferry. Drive onto the ferry (paying appropriate toll) and out the other side. After you clear the boat yards etc on the right hand side, park on the edge of the dunes. Take your kit for the short walk across the dunes and rig up on the beach.

If you want to avoid the ferry toll & the possible queues, you could always drive round through Wareham.

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How the winds work:

Just about any wind direction will work here. S & SE may be gusty.


Sorry, we have no detailed wind information for this location. If you have any knowledge of this area, please let us know.
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to be 09:30 - 10:00 and again 14:00. HW neaps are 14:30 - 18:30.

It's easier to go by LW times here, though: LW springs are around 17:00; LW neaps around 09:00 - 13:00 (yes - the neap tides really rush by!). All times are GMT.

Like the rest of Poole Harbour, there is a double high tide around springs. ie: The tide comes in, goes out a little, then comes back in a little before disappearing as if down a drain.

Poole spring tide curve

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Chain Ferry & harbour entrance - stay well clear.


Added by Steve:

No hazards seaward, but, worryingly, directly across the road from where you suggested parking was Ok is the path to a nudist beach - all fine and dandy - except it tends to be populated ONLY by the vociferous kind of gay naturist, which can be very off-putting.

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Roadside parking - at a price in the summer.

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B&B's / campsites

Best (v.friendly) campsite is en-route to Corfe Castle 'Burnbake Campsite' say, 15 to 20 mins drive from surfing area - but no campervans allowed there. Burnbake's nearest landmark is 'Rempstone Farm' the actual campsite in situated at OS reference SY 997834.

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Pubs and eateries

Mr Chips (Ian) says:

Poole is blessed with some amazing fish and chip shops, my favourite three shops in the country are all in the Poole Harbour area and I really wish the rest of our seaside towns would take note.

One of the very best fish and chip shops in the country (it was actually runner up in a country wide competition - I haven't found the winner yet) is on the round about in Poole that has the civic centre in the middle of it. This fish and chip shop (and its sister shop a couple of miles down the road towards Bournmouth) are almost worth a trip on their own right. Not stopping to get your supper here on the way home should be considered a crime because these two shops are truly excellent and provide a fantastic range of fish together with a variety of cooking methods.

Shell Bay restaurant - on the main road to the chain ferry - allegedly excellent seafood restaurant.

Bankes Arms Hotel - Studland. Once experienced - never forgotten. About 4 mins drive away.

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