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West Wittering

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General details:

West Wittering is a shingle beach at high tide, leading down to a big sandy beach at mid to low tide. Alas this means there are groynes, making the launch quite tricky at high tide.

At low tide there is a sand bar out to the right of the launch and sweeping across the front providing an almost lagoon type sailing conditions. Ideal beach starts & water starts, & flat for gybe practice etc.

Between May & September you have to be a member of the West Wittering Windsurfing Club, run by 2XS, because the council limit the numbers on the public beach. You can get signed in by a member (~£10 per day) for the occasional sail. Out of season you can just pay a day fee without the need to be signed in.

Rescue cover is provided by 2XS, check with the shop (01243 512552) - there is often cover during the week in the summer in addition to the council life guards on the beach.

Groynes make life fun at high tide for launching & recovery.

Low spring tides make for a longish (~400m) walk out and back.

Hose for washing off kit as you are coming in up the beach.

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Directions to the right place:

From the A27 heading East turn right onto the A286 towards The Witterings. Follow the A286 all the way into West Wittering. Go past 2XS windsurf shop on the left hand side, then you come to a big left hand bend. Turn off to the right (straight) then immediately left to the East Wittering Estate & car park. You have to pay to get into the car park (up to £8 per car depending on season and time of day- Jun 2018).

Click here for a location map

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How the winds work:

Westerly is the best for waves, cross shore starboard tack.


Wind Direction Comments
N No details
NE Bearable but flat, gusty and offshore
E Cross shore port tack, generally flat - rare but okay
SE Cross on shore, port tack
S On shore
SW Cross on shore from the right
W Best for waves, cross shore starboard tack
NW Cross offshore and very flat can be gusty - safest at low tide
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Tidal conditions:

Waves are usually best one hour before or one hour after high tide.

3 hours after high tide the sand bar become exposed and produce flat conditions.

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Groynes at high tide can cause problems, particularly if the wind is on shore (SW) and big waves.

Cross shore currents at mid-tide can cause a problem if you're not powered up.

Restricted access during the summer. (see General Details)

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Hose pipe, windsurfing shop up the road, windsurfing club (members, guests and hirers can use club changing rooms and refreshment facilities), toilet block on the beach with showers and communal changing room!

Ice cream shop on the beach, oodles of car parking for families with picnics, kite flying etc.

During the summer 2XS hire out demo kit, wetsuits, boogie boards etc on the beach.

There is a wind line run by 2XS, check their website for the number or ring the shop 01243 512552.

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B&B's / campsites

Tons of B&Bs & campsites, & static van sites, check with tourist information.

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Pubs and eateries

The Lamb on the A286 ~5 minutes outside West Wittering good food, good beer and windsurfers welcome (not in wetsuits). Alternativily, the Ship in Ichenor (turn left just before the lamb (on your way out)), The Ship is right at the end of the road, down by the quay.

The ride/ walk from the car park round the coast path to the Ship is well worth doing on the days when the wind hasn't yet filled in. By bike it takes ~30-40 minutes, so is a fair walk.

Head to East Wittering for fish and chips, particularly the Boat House on Shore road.

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Content supplied by Lez Dhonau - formerly of Gybemasters, Moon Beach.

Anon update - Jun 2018 (thanks, whoever you are!)

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