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Llantwit Major

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General details:

Llantwit Major is situated around mid way between Barry and Porthcawl and has been a top surf spot for years. When conditions are right, it can provide you with some of the best down the line wave riding in the area, with the down side that when they are not, it can leave you with totally trashed kit!

Dont let the hard core hazards turn you off; on its day it will be great. My recomendations are to sail only the outgoing tide from 1hr after high water on days when the swell aint too big.

Photo "gallery"...

photo of the rocky "beach"
photo of the cliffs
photo along the coast
photo showing the ledges

The beach and the ledges are covered by the tide during "sailing hours" (hopefully!).

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Directions to the right place:

Take a look here.

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How the winds work:

Wind Direction Comments
N Cross-off. Sheltered by cliffs. Don't do it.
NE Dead offshore. Sheltered by cliffs. Definitely don't do it.
E Cross-off from L. Definite no-no
SE Cross-shore from L. Unknown conditions
S Cross-on from L. Unknown conditions
SW Dead onshore. Probably well worth avoiding.
W Cross-on from R. Now we're talking. Make sure to stay well upwind
NW Cross-shore. As good as as this place gets. Take care.
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Tidal conditions:

Same as most of channel in this area: big high/low water. With no headlands sticking out like Barry/Trecco, the pull is steady, but in underpowered conditions can still take you upwind towards Barry.

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The beach (if you can call it that ) is all rock: horrid big stones to the right side, and on the left, huge ledges that just keep going out. These are 3ft drops in places, and like all good wave venues its these, aong with the open location to swell which gives the waves.

The tide is still very strong here and pushes you down the beach on incoming tide.

So here's the big hazzard scenes:

  1. The tides coming in, the waves are great and you're sailing like a demon down the line. Get too far down wind and can't get back upwind - and there's nowhere left to come in. The tide cuts the walk back route off and your gonna get smashed on the cliff face. This has happened to loads of local hotshots.
  2. If the waves are big and you fall in on the inside and let go of your kit, its going to wash in on the rocks and get trashed, there's no easy way in.
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All the req facilities are here: toilets, cafe, good free car parking and a permanently manned life rescue station.

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B&B's / campsites

Camping is allowed in field at bottom by car park, and its free!! You can see this field on the Google map.

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Pubs and eateries

There's plenty pubs in the village

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All content & pics provided by kelvin (local hotshot, if you hadn't already guessed!) - Many thanks, Kel.

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