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General details:

(OS Ref: 1665071) I've only sailed here twice - once in 1984 with a re-visit in 1998. I didn't recognise it at all. The first time was when I'd been demo'ing an F2 Strato (the original one!) and I seem to remember having a really good time. The revisit revealed a really high sea wall (about 6m high), groynes every 150m along the beach, & serious sideshore currents. It had also been a good 20 degrees on my first visit with a good W breeze. In 1998, it was 7 degrees with a good E breeze (October), blowing the same way as the current.

As high tide approaches, an onshore wind lifts up over the hill behind the beach, leaving an enormous wind shadow in the shore break. Start thinking about replacing your mast if you get caught at this point.


Amroth West Amroth E me - amroth, sept 1983

Amroth beach looking West

Amroth beach looking East

Me - 1983! Check the length of that boom!

Good sandy beaches backed by a pebble bank with no hidden/submerged rock outcrops. Generally the beaches are safe and you cannot get cut off (in a cove) by the tide as there are 'escape' routes that lead onto the Coastal Path.

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Directions to the right place:

Head west along the M4 until it becomes A48, follow that until it becomes the A40 at Carmarthen. For South Pembs. follow the A40 then take the A477 at St Clears or the A478 at Narberth, to Amroth.

Map here.

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How the winds work:

Amroth is SSE facing and I would guess it works best in S or SW winds, although anything going anti-clockwise thru' NE should be ok

Winds are predominantly SW (North Atlantic Drift) and reasonably safe - it’ll blow you back on to the shore.

Wind Direction Comments
N Dead flat sea. Almost dead offshore winds. Beware of unwanted trip to Lundy Is.
NE Cross-off from L. Unknown conditions
E Cross-on from L. Unknown conditions
SE Pretty much dead onshore. Unknown conditions.
S Pretty much dead onshore. Unknown conditions.
SW Just about cross-on from the right. Fairly safe direction
W More or less cross-shore. Unknown conditions.
NW Cross-off. Unknown conditions
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to occur around 07:00 - 08:00 (19:00 - 20:00). HW neaps around 13:30 (GMT).

The beach is pretty flat so again the sea goes quite a way out - but not as far as at Broad Haven.

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Shorebreak at high tide, particularly in an onshore wind because the wind lifts up over the hill as it approaches the shore and leaves you underpowered.

High sea defences. The wall is a bit high to safely drop kit down to the pebble beach. There are steps down to beach though they're quite narrow for lugging kit up & down.


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Free car parking in the village and along the 1000mtr sea-front at the Eastern end of the village.

Toilet facilities

There is one (seasonal) cafe for tea/coffee/snacks and 2 pubs at the W end of the beach, and another pub on the E side with large car park.

There is a proper slipway onto the beach at the E side.

Nearest petrol station: Kilgetty = 3 mls

Nearest supermarket: Co-op, Kilgetty

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B&B's / campsites

Due to the seasonal nature of the location, campsites can tend to get packed in Summer and closed in Winter. Best to phone in advance and book.

B&B Accom:

No specific details but there are loads of B&Bs and campsites around the area.

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Pubs and eateries

For a Fish & Chip shop - the nearest is at Kilgetty, some 3 miles away. Take heed of clamping signs - they WILL!

New Inn, Amroth - Superb menu, very reasonably priced, large portions (for when you're really hungry). 16 century, very friendly, large easy access car park. Beer Garden, Patio & Restaurant. Can cater for any group size - call 01834-812368 - mention this website - they'll be pleased to hear from you!

Temple Bar - Good menu et al, and car park at rear. Wrong end of beach for slipway though.

Amroth Arms - As Temple Bar, car park near by. Wrong end of beach for slipway.

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