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General details:

(OS Map ref: Sheet 158 - SN 234078)

When you come over the brow of the hill and first see Pendine you are met with 7 miles of straight sandy beach with no rocks.

However, Pendine's more recent history has included world land speed records and practices for WW2 D-day landings, etc.

A percentage of the beach has a Prohibition of Access Order by the MOD as it is still an active Missile Test and Firing Range. It is obvoius if this is the case because it is manned and there are red flags and cordons.

The beach also has a huge tide - so be prepared for a very long walk to the water!

However - depsite the warnings people are sailing and kitesurfing here. There are always small - med. sized waves and lots of room. The waves are fun and pretty soft ie ideal for learning in the waves.

A recent issue with the council means there is a ban on all cars on the beach. So you have to park above the beach and walk your kit down.
if the tide is out this is a VERY long walk...

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Directions to the right place:

4 Miles to the East of Amroth.

Map here.

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How the winds work:

Experimenting with it in a Westerly or North Westerly - cross shore from the right.

Would seemingly also work from the opposite Easterly but untested as yet.

Have had a few good sails and know others that have had a cracking sail in WNW

NB there are very few beaches in Pembs that work in W or E - hence the interest in Pendine despite the walk and the MOD etc.

Sorry, we have no detailed wind information for this location. If you have any knowledge of this area, please let us know.
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Tidal conditions:

Contributed comment:
The tide has a range of almost half a mile in places as it is so dead flat. Unexploded missiles are commonplace on the beach, especially at low water. (No, it's not a rock!).

Contributed response:
Not sure about this - have sailed there a dozen times and seen nothing!

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Unexploded missiles and other dangerous armaments lying on the beach at low water.


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Summer season facilities only. Generally this small village closes for all other times.

Pendine is pretty limited but there is a small shop and cafes in summer.

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B&B's / campsites

There would be a lot locally but you are probably better off staying in Saundersfoot or Tenby where there is more options and only 5,10 miles away.

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Pubs and eateries


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