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General details:

(OS Ref: 136047) Never sailed here, but looks like it's a good, flat, sandy, E-facing beach. Parking could be a problem.

The view out to sea is over the South to East quadrant. Clockwise directional view from South is obscured by headland/cliff of 100-150 feet high.

A very pretty, large village that tends to be packed to excess during the height of the Summer season. At this time of year, beware of holiday-makers on the water (nutters with boats!) who will either not see you, or expect you to stop whilst they scream across your bows!

Lunchtime amusement: Have your food/drink on the harbour wall and watch the boats being launched/recovered on the slipway. Take a camera - nobody will believe the hilarity that you saw!

The beach area tends to be very busy with swimmers/children and boats with waterskiers have to move into marked lanes. Take great care at this resort. Alternative: Try Amroth (2-3mls away)

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Directions to the right place:

Head west along the M4 until it becomes A48, follow that until it becomes the A40 at Carmarthen. For South Pembs. follow th A40 then take the A477 at St Clears or the A478 at Narberth, to Saundersfoot.

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How the winds work:

Predominant SW wind (from Atlantic) makes Saundersfoot deceptively sheltered on the beach.

Wind Direction Comments
N Cross-shore from L. Very gusty as offshore from main body of land. Wind will increase further out and will take the unwary/unprepared out to sea
NE Cross-on from L. Unknown conditions
E Dead onshore. Unknown conditions. Safe.
SE Onshore. Unknown Conditions. Safe.
S Cross shore from R. Unknown conditions. Probably sheltered on beach and good further out.
SW Cross-off from R. Very sheltered on beach due to headland to S
W Dead offshore. Probably dead gusty and not recommendable.
NW Cross-off from L. Probably dead gusty and not recommendable.
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Tidal conditions:

HW springs tend to occur between 07:00 - 08:00. HW neaps around 12:00 - 15:30. Max tidal range is ~ 9.5m.

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Northerly winds. (See ideal wind above).

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  • Good harbour car park (but packed early during Summer season).
  • Toilets
  • Cafe
  • Selection of Pubs
  • Spar
  • phone box

...all within 100 yds of the beach.

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B&B's / campsites

Town thrives on tourism and is understandably packed in the Summer season. All accommodation will need to be pre-booked, even if its a pup-tent!

Either cheap, or closed in Winter.

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Pubs and eateries

Harbour cafe for all types of quick meals, tea, coffee, etc

Fish & Chip shop 50 yds from harbour

Excellent sandwich/filled baguette shop opposite harbour

Spar, etc.

Choice of pubs, all within walking/crawling distance of the centre/harbour.

The old chemist Inn. Good food, good beer. The only pub in Saundersfoot with direct access to the beach.

All pubs are clean and tidy.

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