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by Richard
Wed Aug 10, 2005 19:40
Forum: Trips
Topic: Roadford Reservoir 13th/14
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Hi Al, will not be at the social but do plan to be at Roadford for the weekend. from what I can make out via the Beeb, the wind looks promising. Plan to bring along one senior visitor (brother) and two teen visitor's (daughters), if OK, all will be willing participants for what evolves.

by Richard
Tue Sep 07, 2004 19:34
Forum: MTB Trips
Topic: Wimbleball
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Hello Al, I made the trip down to Wimbleball the week before last with my board. The wind wasn’t up to much, but the location and general feel for the place made up for it - it's almost like a scaled down version of Roadford, but closer. Agree that it would make an excellent weekend location at some...
by Richard
Tue Sep 07, 2004 19:18
Forum: Trips
Topic: Anyone interested in a late season overseas trip ?
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Anyone interested in a late season overseas trip ?

Any idea's for a late season overseas winsurfing trip ?

I have been taking a look at Neilson's availability and note that they have a seven day surf & sail trip to Finikounda, Greece for seven days commencing October 3rd.

Cheers, Richard