Warm up for Thu's club night at the Keynsham BMX track

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Ian Long
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Warm up for Thu's club night at the Keynsham BMX track

Post by Ian Long »

Steve P & I are hatching a plan to work up a thirst for this week's club night by taking our MTB bikes to the BMX track.

For those that haven't been there before, the track is a very short "entry level" track and a great place to learn how to ride berms, table tops or rhythm sections without scaring yourself silly.

Our plan is to get there at 7:30 so that we can ride for an hour or so before heading off to the pub (Swan in Swineford).

The track is just behind the car park identified here
If found, please return to the pub.
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Paul McCormack
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Post by Paul McCormack »

Interesting session at the BMX track.

Pocket hanky size course but lots of fun and quite a punchy little climb back to the start point. a variety of bikes were used varying from full suss to completely rigid hybrid style :shock: but no BMXs :roll:

Most wore body armour, 2 had full face helmets 1 wished he did only one rider daft enough to use clipless pedals :oops:

Rode on into the dark, as in skiing trips carnage happened on the last run with a face plant for Graham KO ing him for a short while :cry: . Hope youre head isn't too sore today Graham.

And we all went to the pub afterwards to meet up with the other nomads :D
Onwards and upwards
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Post by Graham_U »

Well I'm still alive, but still a bit sore and fuzzy headed.

Its still annoying that it didn't even happen on the dangerous stuff, if so someone could tell me what happened. The last think I remember is finishing the run and turning round to return to the car. I've spent most of the weekend trying to work out what happened by joining up the bruises and scraps on the bike.
My best guess is that I over balanced turning down the steep hill and went over the handle bars hit the right side of my helmet followed by the right side of my face.

This is based on the only real scratched on the bike are on top of the handle bars, there are signs of compression on the right front rim of my helmet, but the scratches om my face were fairly light even if the inside of my mouth is a mess, I've got handle bar type bruises on my thighs and scratches on the back of my hands even through the gloves.

Just goes to prove I was right in my view of windsurfing being so much better than mounting biking, at least the water provides a relatively soft landing. Bloody typicall that its been windy ever since and the doc has told me to rest. :evil: Whose silly Idea was this :x Mind you what I can remember was fun :D
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surf god
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Post by dro »

Just remember the timid mantra Graham and you will be safe

" Deck chair and lager" "Deck chair and lager" continually repeated until you reach the pub

Yours helpfuly
lord timid
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?
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