Favourite Spots

Any questions / thoughts about specific places - particularly those outside of our *normal* area. Note that there's also the locations section on the main website with stacks if info about our area + Anglesey + Fuerteventura.

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Favourite Spots

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You may have guessed, I'm bored at work. :roll:

I thought it may be interesting to see where people's favourite spots for windsurfing are and why - both UK and abroad. It may give people some ideas. Also, what about people's 'intend to visit' list. Here's my starter for ten:

UK - Tiree. Statistically sunniest and windiest place in UK. Waves and flat, lots of seals (cute) and warm water.

Abroad - Dahab. Warm, windy, good diving, cheap food and beer.

Intend to visit: Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Margarita, Cape Verde.
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Best windsurfing in the UK - Poole Harbour and Sandbanks

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Poole Harbour, Sandbanks beach & the surrounding areas really do have something for every level of windsurfer.

The beauty of Poole Harbour as a windsurfing location is that the harbour gradually shelves from ankle deep to over head high water, making it great for all abilities. Progress is fast when you are somewhere that when you make a mistake and fall in you can just get straight back on your board!

If you are thinking of leaving the safety of the harbour, there are great spots all along the coast from Sandbanks all the way past Branksome, Bournmeouth, Boscombe & on to Hengistbury Head. These all work on slightly different wind directions as you move around the famous 7 mile stretch of beach. Beyond that you have the wave spot of Kimmeridge Bay. In the other direction you have Avon Beach in Chrischurch.

What more could any windsurfer want?
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