Any questions / thoughts about specific places - particularly those outside of our *normal* area. Note that there's also the locations section on the main website with stacks if info about our area + Anglesey + Fuerteventura.

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Whilst picking up my new board in Poole I took the chance to have a look at the Hamworthy site that Neil and Ian had recommended. However at the moment they are doing a lot of work there and the carpark is closed and torn up. I can not remember if the sign said it was closed for 3 or 6 weeks. Just a warning in case anyone is heading in that directions.
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Ian Long
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Interesting. The work they are doing is to put in sea defences to cope with increased water levels over the coming years!

Goodness only knows which bright spark in the environment agency suddenly decided that some part of deepest, dark Poole Harbour is suddenly at risk of sea level rises but I can only assume they have some form of investment in the property behind :wink:
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Brian D
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Hamworthy park earthworks

Post by Brian D »

Recieved the following from Peter Swann - our spy in the area

Re The earthworks currently going on in Hamworthy Park Poole.

The environment agency is at the present building a flood defence system in the park. :?
This consists of a a Levi bank & a flood defence wall. The
entrance to the car park is having with a drive up hump made, to a similar
height to the bank. All this construction is carrying on until the spring.
The car park is being closed for about 3 weeks during January.
When the carpark is re-opened you will still be able to access the beach, but it is a little muddy & access is via fenced of paths through the works.
I sailed from their during the Xmas break & whilst it was slightly less
convenient (& a little muddy) all the normal facilities are accessible.
Fortunately the earth bank is going just inside the grassed area in front of
the houses, so it will not effect the wonderful view form the car park when
complete. :)
Thanks for the information Richard

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Poole Harbour is also worth checking out

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You could check out the main windsurfing venue at Poole Harbour, Whitley Lake. It works well in anything from a SW, W to NW wind direction & is great for practising new windsurfing skills, whether you are trying to master beach starts, waterstarts, carve gybes or Flakas.

The gradually shelving seabed make it THE place to master those new skills in a protected, safe environment.

Happy Windsurfing.
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