Any questions / thoughts about specific places - particularly those outside of our *normal* area. Note that there's also the locations section on the main website with stacks if info about our area + Anglesey + Fuerteventura.

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Aha !!

Post by dro »

something I know

a chance to leap forward to 4 th star

It's the badge of the Bristol Tiddlywink team

Good game
can be played whatever the wind
I never get hurt or tired while watching
And as I have said before son no. One plays open side for the Cydweli Tiddlywink team.

Rather strangely it's known locally as the Cydweli rugby club but presumably that is something that changes with translation.

Hope this clarifies things
What do you mean not ENOUGH wind ?
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Post by Graham_U »

Its something I created from the 3 Rugby teams:
- Bristol
- Edinburgh (my Celtic league side)
- the world champions - currently looking for a couple of wheels that seemed to have fallen off the old chariot.

Personally I'm thinking of raising a motion at the AGM, that as well as Tide tables, the Bristol fixture list should be considered when planning trips.
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