Can't complete user registration? Hotmail?

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Can't complete user registration? Hotmail?

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In order to stop the forums being spammed to death with porn etc, you have to register as a member before you can post a message.

How to do this - simply click the register link near the top of the page and fill out the form. After filliing-out and submitting the form, your account will be created, but will be inactive.

As a further anti-spam measure, the website will send an email to the address you register with. That email contains a link that you must click. Clicking that link will then activate your account. Only now will you be able to login and post.

Hotmail accounts may never receive this email. We cannot do anything about this. This is due to Hotmail's attempts at their own spam prevention. Unfortunately, they seem to block a lot of legitimate mail from reaching their users.

If you have registered, and then never received the validation email, please let me know by completing thisform. Don't forget to include the username you registered with. I'll then manually enable your account.
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