Any Local Lessons in Bristol??

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Any Local Lessons in Bristol??

Post by poddet »

Hello Guys and Girls!......

Were looking about for some local Windsurfing lessons but have not been able to find any :cry: .......Please, Please, Please has anyone got any contacts or know of any groups etc, etc.
Were in Bristol ....bye bye :lol:
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Post by NigelP »


There's a thread under Refresher Lessons near Bristol, in the Locations section of this forum.

I think you can add Bristol Docks to list, however I am not sure how healthy the water is

You will always receive a helping hand at any of the Nomads events
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thanks !x

Post by poddet »

Yay thanks very much 4 the reply ...... sooo excited now as that was a great help!!!!

Were planning on doing our level 1 over the next month or so then were hoping to meet up with some of you guys for some practice and more importantly some fun !!
Mark my partner has had a few lessons in Exmouth and i have had a few at Siblyback lake in Liskard Cornwall a few years back but because of children and baby sitters we need it keep things bit closer to home to begin with !
had a lesson
had a lesson
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Post by RAW1979 »

Hi Guys,

I know I'm replying to a very old post but I've just taught myself the basics whilst on holiday and have the bug.

Where isthe best place to get begginers lessons?

I only know of Croft farm in Gloucester.


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