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Organisations worthy of our support

Do you like sailing in sewage?

Would you like an abundance of absurd regulations to constrain our windsurfing and remove the places we can windsurf?

Would you be happy in the knowledge that there were absolutely no rescue facilities available around our coasts and estuaries?

If you answer "no" to any of these, then you owe it to yourself and others to support these organisations. Join them. Support them. Sell your house & all its contents to help them. You just never know when you need them. The logos will link you to their websites.

Respect to these worthy warriors who campaign - not just in the UK, but also in Europe - to ensure we can play in water that's unlikely to kill, maim, contaminate, cause infections and diseases, make some body parts swell up & others rot away. They now command respect from governments for their knowledge and advice, and have been instrumental in keeping check on those water and other companies who'd like nothing better (cheaper) than to pour raw sewage and chemicals into the sea.
Link to SAS
The RYA actively promotes windsurfing, supports racing at local, national and olympic level, campaigns to attract youngsters and adults into the sport, provides standards and monitoring for tuition and fights to preserve the rights of access to water for (almost) all water users. They're not snotty yotties - and they DO make a difference for us.
Link to RYA
What do I need to say about these guys? Not only do they set the world standard for marine rescue, they do it entirely from voluntary contributions: People like you & I giving donations to help keep our saftey service up to scratch. Let's hope you never have need to call upon their services, but when you do (and if you haven't needed them yet, the statistics show you will), just hope they've had enough support to be able to dig you out of trouble.
Link to RNLI

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This page last updated: 3rd Sep, 2021.