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Cold Knap - 21/3/2004

After a wild Saturday of gales I was wondering if the first outing of the Nomads would be cancelled due to “too much wind”. I bet that doesn’t happen very often. I made a few phone calls on Saturday night and couldn’t find anyone going. Ah well I thought I have to give it a go. So I went to bed early, filled the Morris with oil and took out the seats ready to put my kit inside.

Sunday dawned windy and I was praying that it would moderate a bit. I drove down to the Severn Bridge and found it shut. Not a good start so back up the M4 to Almondsbury and off across the new crossing. The sea below the bridge looked like it was boiling and the Morris would only do 45mph and was being buffeted across the lanes of the motorway.

After what seemed like an epic journey I arrived at Cold Knap and looked around for some familiar faces. I saw Ang in her car drinking coffee and reading the paper. She gave me a cup and said it was too wild for her, probably the sensible choice, but you know me, I ain’t very sensible so I rigged my 4.0 and my JP65 and set off down the boulders to the sea.

Scott from Rat Rigs was there and Big John and they both said it was gnarly. I sailed straight out into a big set and got rinsed with a big swim and ice-cream headache. I sailed for about an hour and was exhausted. Ang gave me more coffee but I was looking forward to the cake. Maybe next time.

The bridge was still shut on the way back and I ended up going via Avonmouth, 120 mile journey in a Morris Minor is a hell of a long way. I slept like the dead and felt like I had been run over by elephants. All in all a good day out.


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