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Hamworthy, 18/4/2004

The 1st awayday of the year and an iffy forecast vague but not totally down beat, giving out some hope of planing winds – just. So a leisurely drive down the M5 on a grey, spring morning, gradually turning to damper the further south I got. By the time I got to Dorchester the conditions had deteriorated to a constant downpour.

Arrived at Hamworthy to see Geoff Pook carrying his kit to the waters edge and Keith Shepherd part way through rigging up, both taking out long boards / big sails. Steve Powell was also there playing it cool, relaxing in his motor. Very Impressive I think to myself as I nip smartly off to the public toilets.

On the way back I stopped and sheltered under one of the sea front beach huts and watched as Geoff and another guy gently reached out into the waters of pool harbour in a wet force 1 or 2. Not too enticing, I’m afraid, so after waiting in vain for the rain to ease – fat chance - its back to the car, far wetter than when I started.

By this time Ian and Neroli had turned up, and enticed Steve and myself into the depth of their Van with the offer of freshly brewed tea / coffee. What a wonderful windsurfing vehicle it is too. All the facilities a Windsurfer could want inside; Board / Sail storage, Cooking Facilities, Water Storage, Table, Bed, Music, Sink, plenty of seats, and loads of room to stand up and get changed.

A pleasant few hour pass, with the four of us chatting about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, even drifting into Windsurfing topics now and again. And of course sharing of the now legendary Nomadic away day cake, we even had a choice of two.

Geoff and Keith returned and in return for a slice of cake, reported back on the sailing. The wind had come up for a while and both had managed to get a little planing time in. But the mornings session had been predominately one of light wind sailing. Both were planning to return to the briny after lunch, giving rise to us pondering our afternoon’s activities.

It’s now about half past one. Decision time for the four dry nomads – still raining but now very light – do we rig up and get wet, wait a little longer or go home. I decide I have had as much pleasure as I can take for one day and opt for the homeward bound option, with Ian, Neroli and Steve not too far behind me (I think). Don’t you just know that as I drive along the coast-ish road between Poole and Dorchester The trees suddenly stir from there previous stupor and start waving frantically as I pass – had the wind come up just as I left ?? – A word the following day or so gave the answer yes – but only for 20 or so minutes.

From a windsurfing point of view not the best of days, but a very pleasant and sociable few hours spent at the seaside with excellent company. All in all, a good day out and so much better than a day at the office!

Brian Derrick

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