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Overcombe - 10 Oct 2004

a couple of brief resumés

(rescheduled from Saunton due to adverse wind direction)

Got down to Overcombe for around 10:30 this morning - it looked great (and probably beyond me) with some lovely waves coming in and a handful of locals out on 5ms. Mayhem in the car park.

Decided wasn't suitable conditions for a Nomads away day so headed round to Portland with Chris & Gerry. We were shortly joined by Carl as well who had also had a look at Overcombe first.

Ian Long

Ahh, that would explain why only Al, Adrian, Brian & myself were at Overcombe.

TBH, I got a late start & only got down to Overcombe about 11:00, just after Adrian & Al, & just before Derek. Parking was difficult, but I managed to squeeze the car & trailer in eventually.

Like you said, there were some brilliant waves and lots of them, with a cross-on, Easterly F3-6. Trouble was, it was very light inshore & there was a significant sideshore drift in the same direction as the wind, so getting off the beach, through the shoredump & over the first few waves was hard work.

I started off with a 5.5m sail on the 86l wave board which was ok in the lulls, but way overpowered in the gusts, but at least it got me through the shorebreak.

Eventually, I had to change down, but by that time, the tide had come in quite a way & getting off the beach was almost impossible 'cos of the shoredump. After getting mullered a couple of times, I gave up while I was still ahead. Even Adrian was getting a severe rinsing & eventually gave up.

That said, some of the locals were still getting out & back in effortlessly. Just as effortlessly as their tacks, heli-tacks, willy skippers, & vulcans (I think) in the shorebreak, their forward & back loops going out & some scintillating wave-riding coming in. Worth the trip just to watch these guys.

Martin Farrimond

I got to Overcombe at about 10.45 and soon after that, Adrian and Martin arrived, also Brian later.

The wind didn't seem that strong, but it was ideally cross-shore and there was a lovely swell and wave sets coming in, so we had to give it a go! 5.5m on the F2 Wave (85l) was just about perfect to start with.

I was lucky getting out without problem, some HUGE jumps though! Out the back the swell was incredible, mostly head high but some monsters at about 10ft - wicked jumping and riding back in was awesome with the acceleration and speed off the swell I decided to do my inside gybes well away from the shorebreak, to avoid the risk of getting swamped in the lighter wind inshore.

After an hour or so the wind had picked up a notch and I was forced to change down to 5.0m. Again lucky getting out but the wind was now quite gusty on the outside so gybing was "hairy" to say the least! (quite a lot of swimming required to be honest).

Eventually I was forced in needing to change down again, and after a nice wave-ride in I unfortunately got pinned in the shore dump trying to get ashore. Eventually got in after a few poundings, dragging the kit in by the mast tip - not very elegant.

By this time Adrian and Martin had donned their helmets and were having difficulties getting out, so I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and didn't bother to change down and try again. The tide had come up too much, making the shore dump and back-wash too dangerous.
Still, all in all a fantastic session, and one that will live long in the memory.

I counted 28 boards out and as Martin says, some real hot-shots out there with some incredible skill on display.

Al Donald

<<snip>> Got to be attemped - just like the shoredump at Overcombe on sunday - hopefully not so painfull, especially pinned beneath wave, sail and beach.

having said that , great day - epic waves and not too many day's like that in a year.

Bought Sav's old board a 88ltr Drops freestyle wave, and tried it for the first time. Wonderfully light and maeouverable just right for those 3 mtr overcome beasts.

Great time - absolutely knackering but no breakages - would have liked one more session but couldn't quite hack the shordump later on in the afternoon. Shame about the group splitting up but a good turnout anyway

Brian Derrick

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