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weston bbq
june 2002

After much persuading and arm-twisting, I am attempting my first write-up since joining the Nomads. May I therefore apologise before I start for the waffle I am about to produce. Hopefully if I make a big enough 'hash-up' of it, I won't be asked to repeat the performance in the coming months! That's the plan anyway and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway here goes -we, that's my girlfriend Louise and I arrived bright and early, about 9.00am on Sunday, 16th June for our next Nomads meeting since our weekend to Daymer Bay. It was originally a "demo-day" which, on arriving, we found had been cancelled until the following weekend. We were one of the first to arrive, picking our slot on a reasonably deserted beach following a good journey taking only 40 minutes from Quedgeley.

Deciding to make good use of the extra time, we headed for a well-balanced, healthy breakfast to give me a good start to the day -I mean, a good old English "fry-up" doesn't do anyone any harm does it?

On arriving back, Ian Long and Keith Shepherd had arrived. The tide was originally said to have been in at 9:00am but didn't actually come in for another hour. After rigging up my 9m² Sail & board, I waded out to sea, with the help of Steve and Keith who carried out the sail. There was little wind to begin with but the tide was coming in fast. Most people, including myself found planning hard work and some of them using smaller sails, ie 6m² found the lack of wind difficult to sail in. The wind speed was 10mph, gusting at times to up to 15 mph. Ian Long was not participating today as his knee was still causing trouble, but Neroli was out, doing well on a 7.1m² sail and a short board.

It was Louise's first trip to see what we Nomads get up to. She watched from the sidelines for a while before deciding to lock up and head for the sights of sunny Weston! Her ulterior motive I know was to find a TV to watch the World Cup match between Ireland and Spain!

I was sent out first as the 'Probe' to test the conditions and ended up being the last one in too. The tide had gone out along way, which left me dragging my board and sail through the Weston mud, virtually ankle deep! I was met by Ian, who kindly helped me carry my load back up.

Barbecues were soon underway to feed the hungry mob. It didn't take long for me to detect the smell of burgers, sausages, etc not to mention rather tasty fajitas being passed around and, of course, the odd beer or three to wash it all down! I was very grateful to be fed and watered, as Lou didn't reappear with my car keys until about 3.30pm- and rather sheepish about it she looked too!!!

All in all there was a good turnout, consisting of Phil Baker, Martin Farrimond, Mark Gregory, Bob (not a member) Jones, Pete Kilner, Ian Long, Neroli Blake, Tony Low, Dave Morgan, Angela Pitcher and guest -(a non-Nomad!), Steve and Viv Powell, Keith Shepherd and ME!!

Steve Thornton

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